I Summoned The Wind Desert Queen, Hathor

I Summoned The Wind Desert Queen, Hathor


Need I say more…? I was outside and looking at the Christmas parade and realized that I have 78 crystals to spend. I only summoned this once, spending 75 crystals, and guess what? I got that pretty little lady! Not only were my eyes glued to the screen, because this was the first time summoning my natural five star without fusion, but it was also because I didn’t see that coming! I was outside, half concentrated, and couldn’t care less if I got lightning with summoning or not.


I am so glad that I summoned her. Really, I do think that she is good. In my opinion, fire and wind Desert Queens are great. Water is decent, but not really my favorite among them. I am so grateful that I have her, truly, I am. And ever since I summoned Hathor, the wind Desert Queen, I have been building my alternate account in a more serious way.

Update: awakened Hathor!