Goku VS Saitama – Part 2 – Full Power Fan Animation...

Goku VS Saitama – Part 2 – Full Power [DragonBall Z Vs One Punch Man] Fan Animation REACTION VIDEO


Goku turns Super Saiyan Blue so he can challenge the invincible Saitama. Who will win? Find out!

This is a reupload, as I deleted this and many of my videos that I recently made. It’s a long story, but I had to get away from YouTube and the internet for a while and having new videos of mine up and running was not in my favor at that time. I’m sorry that I worried some of you. I am alive and well, thank you 🙂

Dragonball VS One Punch Man

Part 1 – http://malousak.com/index.php/goku-saitama-1/

Vegeta Super Saiyan White Royal Bloodline Transformation http://malousak.com/index.php/db-react-1/

Landscape and Sky art by Gezoo.
Animation made by MaSTAR Media.

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