Is Jason Reza Jorjani a CHARLATAN? Proof of the NON-ARYAN Heritage of...

Is Jason Reza Jorjani a CHARLATAN? Proof of the NON-ARYAN Heritage of Europeans / Anglos, and Looks & Genetics MATCH of Ancient & Modern Iranians Evidence.


Me and Iran Talk made this video.

I had a bad feeling about that man. I still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt to prove himself to us Iranians, but he appears to be pro European even at the cost of hard evidence. I’m not even sure IF he has Iranian blood AT ALL. He “could” be lying that he is Iranian and having a new Iranian name, we don’t really know “who” he is. I don’t if this man wants to replace REAL IRANIAN DNA with European DNA or not, but wtf is he thinking? Iran’s ancient name was Aryanem Vaeja. We had this term Arya for thousands of years when Anglos people just discovered this word since the 19th century. We don’t want Anglos people to take over OUR COUNTRY. Aryans NEVER were Anglos, and Jorjani needs to get away as far from Iran as possible. Wake up, my fellow Iranians! Don’t hand over your heritage to the Anglos people. Stop kissing their behinds, va be gheyrat bia! Ma Iraniha shire ba gheyrat hastim va in Ooropaiha mikhan hata hoviate ma ro azamoon begiran!

I can’t believe that there are people who want to destroy Iran by calling us Anglos/Arab/Mongol mongrels such as this man, who said that only a minor percentage of ancient Iranians (that according to “him” are European/Anglos looking people) are alive today. Basically he is ignoring every evidence and I think tries to manipulate people into thinking that Iranians never were their own people with their own distinctive features. I also hate Social Justice Warriors’ mindset because in my opinion it’s just as cancerous as White Supremacists’s mindset like Jorjani’s words. If anything, I consider myself a centrist and a humanist.

What I have seen is that Aryans (real Aryans, not Shitler’s descendants) have the exact same look. Just take a look at (north) Indians’ facial features, they look a lot like Iranians, only they are darker skinned but some of the lighter ones look more similar to us in facial features than any Anglos. What Jorjani is doing is damaging the heritage of Iranians by saying stuff that came out of nowhere in the favors of Anglos people AND Arabs and Mongols. By saying that we changed due to Arab and Mongol invasion (which we are not and we have proven in this video), he is also talking in THEIR favors. By also denying that Iran had NO glory after Islam was also ANTI-IRAN because we clearly had TONS of successes in the field of science, medicine, poetry, architecture, art and many more. Yes, I am also aware that he said that the Golden Age of Arabs were in fact because of Persians (who were forced to write in Arabic), but he doesn’t mean the Persians you see today, but rather Anglos people. Literally in every interview he said that ancient Persians were WHITE EUROPEAN LOOKING PEOPLE. So, no. He doesn’t favor Persians by saying that, in fact he just gave it away to Europeans.

I don’t know why these Jorjani’s bitches are still kissing his ass when he clearly wants to replace Iranians and shift their looks into looking more like Anglos within a few years! He doesn’t even check the facts that when an Iranian needs a bone marrow transplant, the closest people other than Iranians who they can get it from are other people from the Caucasus and Indians, and NOT Anglos OR Arabs OR Mongols! Why is that? If we used to be Anglos and are now mixed with Arabs and Mongols then we SHOULD be able to get it from them, but why can’t we? My point exactly! I won’t stand this and let him represent us Iranians as mongrels, while HE gets away with it.

Jorjani might not even have real Aryan ancestors anyways, because Qajars were TURKS (mixed heavily with Georgians and Circassians) and were very dictator-like that RUINED Iran and only cared about themselves. A true Iranian won’t destroy Iran! Iranians are not proud of the Qajars and especially if one like Jorjani comes and ruins Iran. These Qajars were cancerous like Nader Shah that Iranians also HATE, who also was a Turk and a tyrant who massacred our Indian brothers. Basically he was like Hitler. ENOUGH! Iranians are sick and tired of barbaric outsiders who ruled in Iran!

Speaking about the devil, Hitler tried to do exactly the same as this man by stealing our heritage, and THAT is the reason I compared him with Shitler, it doesn’t have anything to do with being anti-semite or not (because Iranians are not semite anyways), it has to do with Jorjani – like Hitler – is stealing OUR heritage in favor of ANGLOS or German looking people!

He does NOT deserve to wear the Farvahar, he does NOT deserve to use the Iranian flag, and he does NOT deserve to call himself an Iranian – and ESPECIALLY Aryan! THIS is anti-Iranian and he talks in the favor of his VIKING and his TURKIC heritage side! Iraniha, goole in zedde-Irani ro nakhorin! Be gheyrat biain va nazar hoviyate ma az daste in martike az bein bere!

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