Summoners War: Transmogrification

Summoners War: Transmogrification


I’ve always wanted something like this. Surely, there must be a way to do more with the appearances of my mons, I used to think. This update has given us the opportunity to do something about the looks of our mons if we choose so. This has nothing to do with awakening, because there is no boost in their skills or basic stats. In other words, transmogrification does not make your mon stronger; it only changes the appearance.

I posted this on Instagram ’cause I couldn’t resist it! xD

Yes, I have to admit that waiting and collecting these special stones to transmogrify my mons will take a long time. I had to get this pack. Three guesses…? I got the Valkyrja package. My most favorite are the Valkyrja and the Vampire pack. After that comes the sylph, which looks fine but not that I prefer that look over its original; I don’t like it that I can’t see their eyes and those cool ear-thingy-accessory is gone. The ones I like the least are Pixie and Inugami… that mecha thing is not my thing and the original pixie looks cuter in my opinion.

Although I am totally in love with the Vampire package, I am not planning to keep my wind and water vampire. If I had a fire vampire, Verdehile, I would have gotten the vampire pack as well. I might never even get Verdehile, ever thought of that? However, I’ve always been fond of the valks. I love my Katarina and totally thought that it’s worth it the get all the 5 attributes. I am saving summoning stones for Camilla and Vanessa anyways. I might try to summon Camilla when I get over 1000 or 2000 stones, because last time I didn’t get her with 400 stones.