New SUMMONERS WAR update: World Boss, Rift of Worlds, Transmogrification

New SUMMONERS WAR update: World Boss, Rift of Worlds, Transmogrification



Darn it, Ellia, Lycana and the other dude really talk a lot, but boy oh boy did I miss their babbling. A few months passed by since they talked. After tapping 100 times so I could get it done with it, I was finally able to enter the Rift of Worlds. I took some screenshots like tourist.

Did I mention how cool this looked to me? I’m all for this type of mobile game quality!

The pros and cons of this new thing that is calledΒ Raid…. It’s definitely nice that the makers made it possible to enhance the substats of runes or convert them. Especially when they made it possible to do this by battling an awesome level with a vicious beast and cool environment. What I don’t like about the Raid is that you spend 10 energy to do a very hard task of beating this three-headed dragon and get so little orΒ nothing special in return most of the time. If you already don’t have God runes and/or great mons…….try not to waste your time on doing Raids, especially since you’re also dependent on two other players who might not like it if they end up doing everything because you’re dead halfway the battle. They’ll probably decline to go into battle with you again. This isn’t meant to sound harsh, but I am only being honest with you here that unless you have what it takes to deal a lot of damage to this beast, then don’t waste your energyΒ for now. This is only an advice. You can choose to ignore it, of course πŸ˜›