Adding Vocals To Symphonic Metal Music Productions?

Adding Vocals To Symphonic Metal Music Productions?


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This is NOT a music channel and it will remain a gaming channel with some anime related stuff. I might even take this video down very soon.

I made this only 14 seconds short so I won’t bother a lot of my subscribers for this, but first I have to ask a few awesome people here who are mainly subscribed to me, who are actually the reason that I am fighting my stage fright, their opinions if I should use my voice for my Symphonic Metal music productions. Also asking new visitors who are into music.

You see, I composed and produced tracks but I have refused to openly publish them because of one reason: it lacks vocals. I was thinking about asking my friend(s) for doing vocals. But after posting YouTube videos here and people have been complimenting my (speaking) voice, it somehow gave me a big boost in confidence, so I am more open to try things out. I hardly ever sang in my life because of my (singing) stage fright, so I am considering to take professional lessons for improving my voice. I might use the vocals in my music productions and upload it on soundcloud or something 🙂

PS: New Dragon Ball Z and Super fan animation Reaction Video coming this weekend and a new gaming video of Summoners War afterwards. I’ve been very busy with my exams, but I want to let you know that I am working on posting more videos and even on a tight schedule. I want to thank you people for your support and I am amazed at my fast growth over the past 2-3 months. I’m very grateful and love you people!

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