Summoning Vanessa, The Fire Valkyrja

Summoning Vanessa, The Fire Valkyrja


At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. It felt like my eyes were hallucinating something that was on my got-to-have–list. I quickly took a screenshot of my new Vanessa.

My friend who is in the same guild as me, teased me that I am a bitch for getting the Fire Valkyrja while she got the Wind Pirate. Lol, of course she was joking about it.

People in the room were congratulating me, and I was like: Hell Yeah I Got Her. I quickly looked at her skills and thought that her leaderskill stood out the most. Holy crap, 33% speed in arena! Omg! In my opinion it is the best leaderskill for the arena. Simply the best!

But in order to set my Vanessa as Arena Defense, I had to rune her accordingly. I runed her Violent/Endure: Hp%, Hp%, Hp% – while looking for Resistance, Speed, and Defense substats. I maxed her Resistance to 100%. So, now I have this beautiful tanky goddess… so what was I missing..? Oh yeah, speaking about goddesses…